Mr. Sensitive

By: Team Brando ☺
Vanessa Catalina Ruiz, Angela Beth Chesser, Jennifer Kwiatkowski

Hi, are you my new family? If you are I’m really a good boy & loving loyal pet. This journey I’ve been on for the majority of my life has been a real struggle and I’m ready to have the struggle come to an end and a new chapter in my life to begin. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Brando, I’m a middle aged Boxer mix. I have short hair so you won’t have me shedding all over the place but you will need to be careful because my skin is super sensitive just like my heart. I once had a family who didn’t have time for me anymore and no place for me to go, so one day I found myself at a place where they keep all unwanted dogs. Everyday I woke up so excited that today my new owner would come and rescue me, but days passed, turned into weeks and then months. I started to lose hope that no one would ever love me again. I was falling apart and didn’t know how much more of this miserable life I could take. One day a little over a year of me being at this doggie jail an angel came and said they were taking me to a different kind of jail, one for humans not animals, this place was called Todd Road Jail. I was anxious and nervous to have to go into another jail, I just wanted a place of my own to call home and have a companion to love and grow old with. I arrived at this scary place, where I would be spending the next 4 months of my life. I didn’t know then, that the next chapter of my life had already begun for me. I had a team, “Team Brando”, and to me these women were guardian angels who were there to save me because if it didn’t work for me this time, I would be sent back to the place for “unwanted dogs”, where I was going to be put to rest, the forever king of rest. So, I decided I was going to work hard to make these girls want to keep me. It was incredible to have so much love, warmth and to feel wanted. My anxiety was almost gone. My three angels took care of my every need and went above an beyond my wildest dreams. This was no cake walk for me , I was up at 5AM every morning and ready to go train. I was worked hard and long days to learn this new way of life, The Good Life. I learned how to walk right on a leash “with me” how to “sit”, “down”, “stand”, and “stay, things were terrific, they all loved me because I loved them and pleased them. These guardian angels were here to stay and help me become a well behaved adoptable pet. The girls and I practiced overtime and super hard everyday but it worked. We trained each day and sometimes the head deputy angels came to “dog nap” me and take me to go run off leash and be wild and free for a little bit. I loved that time I got to spend with the people I called “My Green Team”, they were always there for me and took me on special walks outside these brick walls, and I even got to go to the basketball courts, I love to dance with the basketball, but watch out because I get really excited and pop the ball. I don’t mean to but I just cant help it. A couple of other favorite things are my blanket which is the most important, I cant live without it. My blanket is so soft on my skin it helps me fall asleep. My kong is another of my favorites. I absolutely love to chew on it for as long as you will let me. You might have to call my name to snap me out of my trance though, that toy is just hypnotizing to me but don’t worry even after you throw it and I chase it I always bring it right back and leave it at your lap so we can do it again. So here I am today asking if you want to be my new owner/family. I promise to love you, listen to you and be loyal all the days of my life. If you take this chance with me I won’t let you down. I’m cute, loyal, fun, cuddly, playful and lovable but most of all a friend, a best friend. I’m willing to give you my heart, my whole heart but please cherish and keep it safe because I can’t bear another broken heart. This is my last chance! I can’t wait to meet you.