Furry Buddy Seeks Forever Home

They say good things come in small packages. I say better things come in Medium packages! My name is Buddy and I’m a R.U.F.F. Roads newest addition to the family. I have to admit that when I first got here I was a little nervous by all these big guys, but luckily for me my big chocolate eyes have melted peoples hearts. They tell me I an a 4 year old Harrier Shepherd mix, I told them I can’t get much “Harrier” then I already am. I’m a dog for Pete’s sake. I look like a beagle body trapped in German Shepherd fur and what I lack in size I make up for in personality. I am extremely mellow and often times I’m not exactly assertive in announcing my presence. I have come to believe that this quality is indeed one of my strengths because I am capable of focusing on the task at hand, quickly learning to obey with the desire to become faithful to the individual who chooses to adopt me into their life. I love to play fetch and I can even catch the ball from a far distance. I’m often told I should try out for baseball as a “short” stop. Ha-Ha-Ha! My best friends Stephen & Alex constantly tell me how proud of me they are for the progress I’ve made so far with my obedience in such a short time. Both of them are absolutely amazing people and I’m very thankful for them being so patient and understanding with me. OK enough of the “small” talk. What I’m trying to say is that if your looking for a family oriented, fun, loving, and fast learning friend, look no further. So give this little fun size guy a chance to charm you. The best part is your satisfaction is guarantied and I’m still “under” warranty. Oh yeah one more thing, Batteries not included but there are a couple D’s in my name. Just kidding. Please give me a chance and take me home as your Buddy and to be a part of your forever family.