A Second Chance

By: CL & Whitney Byrd

Dear Potential Forever Family,

My name is Chance. I am a Husky-Shepherd mix and I’ve been told I am I year old (a baby really). However, don’t let the small number fool you. I am a big and still growing, but trying to learn to obey more and more everyday!

Let me share a little about the journey of my young life. I’m one of those dogs that when anyone sees me, the first thing they say is, “He’s so Beautiful”. Well…yes I must admit I am, but, don’t let my beauty fool you. I’m a bit of a handful. I’m sweet and loving, but I tend to like my way and I get a bit crazy sometimes. That’s why I believe my past humans took me on a drive to that noisy, cold and lonely place the humans call a “shelter”.

I sat at this shelter for months wondering why my family didn’t want me anymore. There were people who fed me and said nice things to me, but I remained in this shelter, hoping this was not my new home, longing for someone to love me again and let me live with them.

One day I was placed in a car and taken on a drive, far from the shelter. I had no idea if where I was going would be better or worse then the shelter. Maybe my family wanted me back? I soon realized I was somewhere unfamiliar? My family had not asked for me to come home. I was walked into a large building, a bit fearful and apprehensive, but soon I was handed to girls who immediately became my friends, in fact, my only friends. Maybe these girls could even become my forever family.

Right away I could tell the girls (there was 3 of them, and they were mine ☺), were happy to have me with them. They loved me! Although this new placed looked a bit like the shelter, there was only one other dog with me and lots of humans. I was cautiously optimistic about my new home and friends.

I must admit, I gave my three new friends a pretty hard time in the beginning, but they continued to work with me week after week, teaching me to trust and behave. I’m not sure why I kept challenging my new friends, all I can think of was I wanted my way and I wasn’t sure I trusted anyone enough to listen. The treats were yummy and the love and attention made me very happy, but I was going to make them work! Unlike my family who gave me away, my girls refused to give-up on me. They even brought friends (ones who were even more demanding of me) to help them teach me and train me better.

Well…here we are several months later and you would not recognize me! Yes, I still have moments when my energy gets the best of me, once again testing the training skills and patience of my girls (now there are only two), but for the most part I am listening, obeying, and doing my very best not to let my silly, energetic side interfere with my obedience.

Secretly, I love listening to my girls. It makes them so proud of me, which makes me happy. I really love when they are pleased with me!

I keep hearing everyone talking about a thing called “adoption”, a forever family, and a new home. I’m getting very nervous! I want a forever home, I want to be loved and cared for “forever”, but I’m afraid. What if my new family doesn’t like that I need to run, have lots of energy and sometimes I still want my way. I try so hard to obey, but I still have puppy moments. I will require reminding, I’m energetic and love, love play time! What if my new family gives up on me? What if they think I’m a handful and drive me back to that shelter place? I could not handle that rejection again!

My girls have assured me that they will make sure my forever home is a safe and loving place, and my forever family knows how to keep me “forever”. My girls have loved me, taught me so much, and have never given up on me, no matter what. I have learned to trust them and love them too. They have shown me that humans can be trusted and know how to love unconditionally. My girls only want what’s best for me. I will miss them so much and I think they will miss me too!

Thank you new friends for preparing me for my new “forever” home and family!

Here I come “forever” family, be ready to have a lifetime of fun!