Ruff Start Seeks Pawsative Ending

By: Curtis Godfrey & Ernesto Guevara

“Bark, Bark, Bark…Ruff, Ruff…Bark, Bark, Bark” Oh sorry, I guess I should be writing in human. Let me try again. For starters my name is Lipit. I don’t exactly know how old I am because nobody has taken the time to tell me. But judging by my spunk and energy, I’d say I’m around three years old. Besides, we all know you never ask a woman her age. I’m a beautiful Border Collie, Australian Shepherd mix. I was living in a shelter and every time someone passed by I’d jump up hoping they were there to take me to my forever home. But they didn’t. For a long time I thought it might be the Australian accent in my bark. Then on February 28th of this year a fortunate thing happened. A group of caring women came, swooped me up and took me to a brick building and grass field. I Later found out it was a jail. I guess humans live in cages too (I hope they’re potty trained). The leash was passed over to two unfamiliar men (my angels in disguise). We shared similar paths and forks in the road. But it also sparked a bond between us. That was the first time anyone showed me signs of affection. I have to be honest it was a little overwhelming at first because (I believed) I was deemed a bad girl due to the shelter. The unconditional love they showed me felt amazing. They truly have given me new hope for the future. I am currently enrolled in a K-9 good citizen program and am learning the skills necessary to be a “proper lady” like the Disney cartoon. I love that movie and give it two dewclaws up. I am now able to reciprocate that love. I am so thankful for being given the chance to do what I do. That is; look adorable, innocent and to create many smiles. The shelter was very loud, stressful, and cramped. Thank you for knowing I needed space to roam and sniff around. Oh by the way water scares me so thank you for having patience while giving me a bath. I do however have a remarkably shiny black and white coat, which dries fast (as you can tell). I get super excited seeing familiar faces. Just watch for my “Happy Feet” as you approach. The penguin has nothing on me. I just want you to continue loving me and I’ll do everything I can to please you. I’m super smart, playful, and love challenges. So after graduating R.U.F.F. Road I am thinking about going to Border Collie-age and getting my dog-terate degree. I can run forever so you wont be able to tire me out. One of my best qualities is that I don’t cry or bark in a kennel and I’m potty trained. I am also very alert. I am aware of everything that goes on, and as you get to know me I’ll tell you everything I’m thinking because my ears mimic my thoughts. I can be a bit timid and sometimes get startled by loud noises, but who doesn’t right? But what’s important is I’m working on it. I think it has to do with my sister being too rough with me, and a little bit left over from my original family (it’s not my fault I got the brains and the beauty out of the litter. My mama always said I was the smartest and prettiest) I’m just ready to look past that part of my life, continue waggin’ my tail, stay energetic, and continue to be challenged. I would love a place that makes me feel safe enough to sleep on my back (which I love to do). Right now I have a comfy blanket to snuggle with, yummy food and occasional treats when I do one of my many tricks. Plus I have the chance to jog and explore. But most of all I would love a second chance, so I can show you how this this girl can help make your house become a happier home (with a forever family) Will you be my forever family?